Hello, my name ist Patsy,  I am 38 years old and a musician and since March 2018 I have also been working as a professional dogwalker. Working with dogs wonderfully compliments my other passion, music.

Dogs have accompanied me almost my whole life, and over all those years I ve been studying their “language” and behavior very well. It has helped me to understand how to guide the dog to become a loyal and faithful friend, and what they really need to be happy and feel safe with us.

In 2018 I turned my hobby into profession and I realised my dream to work as a self-employed dogwalker to support dog owners with a dogwalking service.
Every day I look forward to new challenges and adventures with the dogs. And like with the music, I do this with all my heart.

The best feedback I get, is from the dogs themselves, when I see them happily waiting for me at the door every day. And of course from their content owners, when I bring them a relaxed and satisfied dog back home.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”